About US

Tourism is travelling for business or pleasure, and Pakistan is full of mesmerizing natural wonders.

Our objective is to make sure people get the best experience throughout their travel. By closely doing research and personally visiting each and every hotel, we have chosen different categories of hotels in different locations in Pakistan with divergent views, budgets and services. All of our hotels fulfil strict food hygiene, security, cleanliness, and room service and environment selection criteria.

At vacationsetup, we have more than 500 hand-picked hotels at different locations in 11 cities of Pakistan and number is increasing day by day; picked hotels are from different areas having their own different accommodation limits and budget details.

Details like Clear picture of hotel rooms, exact pin point location of the hotel in google maps, accommodation limit, and exact charges are mentioned in our website, you can start searching by cities and then by other details. All details are clearly mentioned so that you can plan your vacation according to your own needs and budget.